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excellent voice over!

the horrible animals were funny, but the voices were even better. are you trying to sound like George from that Volvic water commercial? you sound just like him.

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that was awesome!
I'm kinda of a sucker for Stop-Mo animation but that was really imaginative and original. I loved the set design and the black light effect (though Ive seen used before elsewhere, your take on it is original in its own right).

ussually I don'y really enjoy your videos...

but this was truly exceptional.
It moved at a very nice pace and every part of it was worth watching. I think I will add you to my list of my favorite artists.

good job.

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I beat it

It was really fun.
but near the end with all the missiles it was fuckin hard!

poorly made

not only are the questions easy, but the questions need to be edited becuase some of the questions have an incorrect right answer.


the music was good and the graphics were nice but overall this is a terribly boring and slow paced.
much like folding laundry.

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very Jumpy!

This is a excellent song to remix. from start to finish this song badass as it is energetic! when the bass kicks in you can can kinda visualize the trouble approaching! that weird instrument at 0:21 makes this song ultra badass. I can't wait to hear the finished version, cuz I would love to hear a longer version.

very nice

this is very epic. good choice of instruments. only problom is that it is a tad too repetitive, but other wise this particular remix has been stuck in my head all day.


Awesome! One of the best peices in the whole series.
The choice of intruments is great in this song, from bass's to percussion.
excellent job!

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HA hA cool!
I saw that jelly roll comic a while ago but I did not know that the tin creature was Satan, interesting interperate

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Yeah, I think in the comic he had a diffrent name but that's pretty much what he was. Thanks!


oh man I do like where this is going!
things don't look good for grime!

JWBalsley responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it, don't worry, Hadji won't kill Grime, he will simply "correct" him.


Imaginative yet sexy

She looks like a very cool Science Fiction character. I'm kinda a sucker for fetish fashion, the wierd handle appendage on her head is just adorable, and the billowing extremities are a classy touch too.
the biggest problem with this drawing is her midsection and hips are so tiny also the outlines bordering them are kinda heavy.

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hello, you have reached my Newgrounds post, an extension to my base on DeviantArt. I don't do much here other than find tunes, submit some art, and occasionally give a piece of mind every once and a while. I'm much more active on DA though.

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